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“Joan was absolutely delightful to work with. Fun, friendly and took instructions well- very easy to work with. Would do it all over again. and likely will.”

-Chris Linton, D’Fyne Magazine (shot Joan for two magazine covers)

"As the podcast host of Age is Irrelevant, I am so fortunate to have the pleasure of interviewing older women from around the world who are rebranding and re-defining the terms “old age” and “over the hill!” Joan MacDonald is no exception to this elite group of women! At 70 years old, overweight, out of shape and on multiple medications, Joan, with the help of her daughter Michelle, took out a new lease on life! Her amazing transformation over the last couple of years, becoming a svelt, confident, self assured, strong, sexy woman has inspired thousands of women young and old around the world. As my podcast guest, she was captivating from the start! Honest, genuine, sincere, frank, encouraging and funny! She shared her story hoping to inspire and show other older women that age is irrelevant and it’s never too late to start something new! I was grateful and honored to have her on my show. Joan is a blessing to women who have lost hope. A trail blazer who leads by example! A shining star who continues to amaze us all as she continues to defy all odds and expectations and live life to the fullest!"  

-Helen Fritsch, Age is Irrelevant Podcast

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